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When you prepare for a trading session, especially for the morning session, it is very important that you have had a good night’s sleep. 

Then the other thing that is very important is to make something to drink that will give you energy and keep your thinking clear. 

Personally I always have a cup of tea (white tea) with honey and lemon (that is real organic honey and real organic lemon juice). Plus water, water is extremely important as you need this to keep clear in your thinking. The other I do is to make a protein shake, and I use Dark Chocolate Almond Milk (love chocolate), 5 ice cubes, 1 banana, a 1 scoop of good protein (I use Sprouts own vegan protein, but you can use whey protein or whatever works for you). I blend this in the mixer and have this for the next 2-2.5 hours. Another thing you can do if you don’t like protein shakes, try a protein bar. To get more energy and to keep your blood sugar in level, mix 50/50 of raw almonds and raisins.

This keeps me sharp and I am able to focus on what the market is doing and to be engaged all the way. 

Then of course it is important to check the news relevant to the markets you trade, I use this one, as it is very easy to understand. Red is most important and green is second important. But most important is that you will have your ATM (Automatic Trade Management) set. More on that in another post. 

Then make sure you are connected to  your data feed, and that your ATM Strategy is set, that you are on SIM if that is what you currently are using or on your live account if that is what you are using. 

Then start look at levels and how market has moved since the day before or last time you traded. 

All of this will help you stay focused and for you to do your best in the trading session.