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To help keep your NT8 platform from glitching and freezing, try the following steps to clear the platform database and cache.

Step 1:
From the CONNECTIONS tab, disconnect all data feed and account connections.

Step 2:
From the TOOLS tab, Choose the DATABASE MANAGEMENT option

Step 3:
Be sure the boxes next to HISTORICAL ORDERS and HISTORICAL EXECUTIONS are checked and click reset.

You will be asked to reset the database… Select:  YES

Step 4:
Close NinjaTrader

Step 5:
Go to your Documents folder for NinjaTrader and locate the NinjaTrader 8 folder and double-click on it:

Step 6:
Go to the folder named DB and double-click on it (you are now in the NT8 cache files)

Step 7:
Select the following folders:  TICK /  MINUTE /  DAY / CACHE – All of these folders need to be deleted. Select each folder then right-click and delete.

Once these steps have been completed, you’ll need to reboot your computer for the ‘clean up’ to take effect.

*For optimal platform performance, complete these steps prior to shutting down after each trading day.